Queen advertises in newspaper for staff.

Queen seeks butler in Bournemouth
By Sally Pook and Andrew Bryson
(Filed: 30/03/2006)

Buckingham Palace or the Bournemouth Travelodge? It's a tough choice for a maid because, while the Travelodge is very nice, the Palace wins in terms of chances to meet your prince.

The Queen has placed an advert in the Bournemouth Daily Echo offering to elevate staff from the hotels and B&Bs to her London residence. She is looking for butlers and housekeeping assistants and, while she cannot offer sandy beaches and Punch and Judy shows, she can provide a unique environment and superior accommodation.

Why has Her Majesty turned to Bournemouth? The town, fondly referred to as a place where people go to die, is familiar with the tastes, wishes and peculiarities of the elderly - and she is approaching 80.

The Palace said yesterday that the resort was chosen for its wealth of workers in the hospitality business.

"We traditionally advertise in the catering trade magazines but we thought we would try something new," a spokesman said. The resort is thrilled - or rather its staff are thrilled - but managers at some hotels fear a stampede to the bright lights.

"I think it is fantastic that the Queen is looking here to recruit," said Peter Lyon, 59, of the Studland Dene Hotel.

"I just hope she doesn't pinch my workers. We are really very lucky because training is of a very high standard. There are three catering schools and the university has a very good leisure and tourism course."

But one of Mr Lyon's staff, Nikiema Wennemi, a 23-year-old Parisian, seemed already lost to him. "I think that I would like working for the Queen of England," she said. "It might improve my English, n'est ce pas?"

The advert for a trainee butler says that candidates must work in the catering and hospitality sector and should be willing to travel to other royal residences.

Successful housekeeping assistants will join the team responsible for the specialist cleaning of accommodation.

"Buckingham Palace is a fantastic place and a very professional organisation," the Palace spokesman said.

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Oh, yes, pay is abysmal, as cleaning the Queen's toilet should be reward enough.
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