A man shot his landlord in the head with a crossbow, hit him several times with a hammer, blasted him with an air rifle, attacked him with a knife and then sat down and watched TV,

Crossbow slaying horror

A man allegedly blasted his landlord in the head with a crossbow before calmly sitting down to watch TV.

Ashley Thorpe shot Alan Eva before attacking him with hammers, an air rifle and a knife as he lay groaning on the carpet, a jury heard.

He later told police after making sure the 49-year-old was dead he "sat down and watched telly".

After shooting Mr Eva in the head and heart he used hammers to ram the bolts in "just as far as they could go", Exeter Crown Court was told.

In between launching attacks on his victim he drank beer and smoked drugs, prosecutors said.

He was arrested after sending a picture of Mr Eva's head with a crossbow bolt through it to a friend's mobile phone.

Thorpe has pleaded not guilty to a charge of murdering Mr Eva following a row at the victim's flat in Chard, Somerset, last July.

Prosecutor Sarah Munro QC told the jury Thorpe had been staying with Mr Eva, a team leader at a local meat factory.

She said Mr Eva was killed after telling Thorpe he must leave the flat by 11pm that night.

Thorpe’s attack started two minutes before the deadline, she said.

Mr Eva had started shouting and was “being horrible”, the defendant told police in a statement read out in court.

“I picked up the crossbow, loaded it, went into the lounge and shot him through the head," the statement said.

“I had a hammer in a sock and hit him 10 times with that. He was still groaning and making a noise."

He also shot Mr Eva in the face with an air rifle and stabbed him
in the stomach “just to make sure”.

The trial continues.