Halliburton won't donate

Bank of America has raised the bar for the non-profit charity group Intrepid Fallen Heros in the task of building rehab centers around the country for the treatment of wounded men and women in their long recovery from - you name it - injuries sustained in service to their country - especially the huge numbers of amputees returning from the middle east.

www.fallenheroesfund.org/fallenheroes/index.php (external - login to view)

One of the fund raisers for Bank of America who have taken an active role in securing monies - contacted Halliburton who make billions from the Iraq invasion - thinking this would be a good public relations endeavour for that company.

Halliburton turned down the request for a contribution.

Let's not forget this.

[My source here was the rep from the Bank of America talking to Don Imus this morning on MSNBC. I have tried to be as accurate as memory will allow and II didn't get the name of the Bank representative but it is possible the information will be posted on the Imus website after today's program.]
Just another souless money grabbing corporation whose only interest lies in the bottom line of the balance sheet

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