Boar War II.

ANOTHER herd of wild boar has been set free in Devon -

Boar herd 'liberated'

Sun Online

POLICE are expected to charge animal liberation activists after they let out a herd of about 35 wild boar in a raid on a farm.

Animal Liberation Front activists today admitted they “liberated” the creatures that are now loose in the countryside around the Woodland Wild Boar Farm at West Anstey, Devon.

About 45 boar were released in the early hours of Monday, and 10 were later recaptured.

The ALF today released a statement from the unnamed activists who carried out the latest attack, saying their action was “dedicated to the boar that had sent to be slaughtered over the years".

The statement said the activists had “liberated” the boar recaptured after a previous raid on the farm.

On this occasion three pens containing the boar had their fences cut and pulled to the ground.

The activists said their action had given the boar “a new life of freedom“.

Just before Christmas, 100 boar scampered to freedom after fences were cut at the farm.

In January the first wild boar “hunt” in centuries was staged in a bid to round up the 60 which were then still at large.

Local farmers said the loose boar had caused considerable damage to farmland as they rooted for food.

It is estimated about 22 of the boar have been shot.
The Gunslinger
I was thinking "Boer War", like the South African one, whenI looked at this thread.

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