FOREST, Ont. (CP) - Former Ontario premier Mike Harris has begun testifying at the Ipperwash inquiry, saying he's looking forward to telling his side of the story.


Harris was met by a crush of reporters as he entered the judicial hearing into the 1995 death of a native protester. Dudley George was killed by a police sniper during a clash between provincial police and protesters during an occupation of Ipperwash Provincial Park.

The extent to which Harris directed police operations during the standoff is a key issue.

In November, the inquiry heard stunning allegations that Harris uttered an obscene slur in demanding the natives be removed from the park.

George was killed later that day.

His brother, Sam George, says Harris's appearance before the inquiry marks an important day for his family, who long fought to have public hearings.

Harris's testimony is expected to last four days.

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I hope that guy has a heart attack when he sits on the stand. At least the brother of Dudley will be sitting right in front of him, watching him and everything he says.