Queen's gowns and jewellery to go on display.


The largest ever collection of the Queen's evening gowns and personal jewellery is to go on display at Buckingham Palace to mark her 80th birthday. The collection includes this beautiful blue silk and lace dress designed by Norman Hartnell which the Queen wore to Princess Margaret's wedding in 1960.

This eye-catching yellow silk crepe embroidered dress was designed by Ian Thomas and worn by the Queen for a state banquet given for the Amir of Qatar in 1985.

Among the famous pieces of priceless jewellery going on display is the Vladimir Tiara.

The Queen wore this pretty duchesse satin crinoline gown with beaded and jewelled embroidery during a royal tour of Nigeria in 1956.

Prince Philip designed this gold, sapphire, diamond and ruby bracelet to mark the royal couple's fifth wedding anniversary.

A black velvet and duchesse satin evening gown by Norman Hartnell, made for the Queen in the late 1940s.

Queen Mary's True Lover's Knot brooch. The monarch inherited the jewellery from her grandmother Queen Mary in 1953.

The Queen wore this delicately embroidered gown designed by Norman Hartnell for official portraits in 1957.

Hardy Amies designed this silk chiffon dress embroidered with California poppies, worn by the Queen on her visit to America in 1983.

The Williamson diamond brooch by Cartier.

The Queen wore this grey satin gown embroidered with a fern motif in beads and pearls at a State Banquet held by President Eisenhower at the White House in 1957.

This green silk dress with jewelled embroidery was worn during a state visit to Ethiopia in February 1965.

The special exhibition will run during the Summer Opening of the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace until September 24.

Very nice.

I do hope the Queen comes and visits us soon....
Man...she sure couldn't fit into most of those gowns now!!...At least they aren't displaying some of those nasty hats
I think not
Taxpayers money well spent.
I think not, the Government of Canada does not contribute money to the Queen of Canada, nor to her family.
I think not
Where the hell did I say Canadian taxpayers? I meant the Brits.
Oh, okay, lol.

Although I don't think it's taxes that pay for her; I forget what it's called, but I think it's called the Civil List, or something like that. Some kind of list.
I think not
Yeah probably the fools list. Somebody, somewhere started paying taxes and got her all this crap, she didn't earn it that's for sure.
Having looked into the facts surrounding Her Majesty's funding, it turns out that a certain portion of Crown land is "surrendered" to Her Majesty each year (as a matter of ceremony), and such constitutes Her Majesty's income, as per the Civil List, in addition to a certain sum paid to Her Majesty by the Parliament of the United Kingdom for certain expenditures.

It should be noted that Her Majesty's spending in official capacities are handled by the funds mentioned above; however, the amount spent for private use (entitled the "Privy Purse") is paid by the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It should also be noted that Her Majesty pays taxes on private expenditures, and also voluntarily pays income taxes.

On another note, my favourite dress up there is the black velvet one.
I think not
Quote: Originally Posted by FiveParadox

On another note, my favourite dress up there is the black velvet one.

You have expensive taste there Five, good thing you'll never be on a date with me.
Heh, I may be gay, but I do not wear dresses.

I am not that far gone! lol :P

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