Don't blame the game, Need for Speed.

Gawd, what a ghastly thing to happen in the GTA. My condolences to the cabbie's family and friends. Please don't think the wrong thing here, IT ISN'T OK.

Apparantly two 18 year olds were carrying the game "Need for Speed" in their car while street racing. During their race, they collided with this poor cabbie fella and he died. (Toronto Sun, today's headline, FYI)

Foolishly they are blaming the video game. It's the video games fault. They were carrying the game, blame the game.

Um, didn't street racing begin in like the 50's? Haven't we been racing any and all vehicles imaginable since the beginning of time? Isn't it a race every time the light turns green, for some, anyway?

I would think that video games would reduce the number of stupid accidents because people can pour their frustrations out in the game. I play video games all the time. I especially like emptying a bunch of arrows into some dude's back, who is just innocently standing there. I don't do that in real life. I also teach my children to enjoy them because you don't get to do this crap for real. Anyone, IMO, over the age of 8 knows the difference (just asked my ten year old, and he said "well, duh"). Those guys would have been racing had they played the game or not, or possibly racing more.

So, ya, arrest these jerk offs and throw away the key, but don't blame the game.
I agree. If any of these people actually played these games, theyd realise its such an unrealistic representation of real driving.

There are games which are more realistic (Gran Turismo 4 for example) but they still dont teach you to drive.

This is a british car show called Top Gear. its very good and you can find most the episodes here (external - login to view)

In this clip he drives a course called Laguna Seca on the PS2 and then in real life to see how close his lap times can get. Needless to say, he finds out within seconds how different real life driving is compared to even the most realistic game.
Did they perchance have Black Sabbath or Ozzy playing in the stereo?
The Gunslinger
That's how it goes though. Car accidents, from video games. Violence in schools, from video games. So, are they going to arrest anyone who has bought Need for Speed, Gran Turismo, or Project Gotham?

This is just reactionary bull**** that happens in the aftermath of a crime. It is sad, but it isn't the fault of a lousy game.
Its the fault of the 18 year old private school student driving his mercedes recklessly.

People must take their own actions into account. The game did not hit the pedal or shift the gear. The boy did, and his buddy he was racing fled the scene and ditched the car further away. They aren't that innocent.

Yet, they are from wealthy families, probably get probation
I don't think so JomZ.

I think there is enough anger out there in the city so they will be punished. Hopefully!
Ya I think the kids are spoilt little brats and just do what they want when they want. What 18 year old should be in a mercedes anyway.
One who has parents who have money falling out of their wallets.

And I keep reading that they are good kids, good kids.

Bah, no one who was a good kid, would get behind the wheel of any kind of car and start racing up and down streets.

There is someone who said that the father of one of the kids said;

"Kids will be Kids."

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