Cold Remedies "Don't Work" ; Pesticides Affect Ge

Fertility is like the Environment in that they are at the root of our existence.

Issues concerning these areas will allways be more important than political/social issues for that reason. And yet, Fertility and Environment are ignored in favour of issues that do not have a profound and real affect on our lives.

Two more newsworthy stories about chemicals in our society....

1] The cold care products that don't work -

"Docs sneeze at cough meds" -
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I am very happy to hear that cough remedies do not work, as I can now toss that bottle of Buckleys into the trash. Gawd! That crap tastes awful!!
I think they make you worse.

Any one know a remedy to a soar throat? :P
Many singers use honey based drinks to soothe their tortured throats,so buy and drink a lot of Mead
Haggis McBagpipe
Fisherman's Friends work. They work because the godawful taste scares the bejesus out of even the strongest virus or germ. Whatever plagues you will jump ship pretty much after the first lozenge. The upside to this is, you won't die from the 'flu or cold. The downside is, of course, that you will likely die from the taste.

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