Immune to AIDS?

Sex slaves for science?
Salome Simon has slept with almost 50,000 men since Canadian-led researchers discovered she's one of those amazing Nairobi prostitutes whose immunity to HIV could be the key to beating AIDS. Two decades later, with no cure in sight, she's still a medical guinea pig but also a grandmother who is tired of plying her trade. Canada, she tells Stephanie Nolen, should help her find a decent job


Saturday, January 7, 2006 Posted at 3:40 AM EST

From Saturday's Globe and Mail

NAIROBI — Salome Simon doesn't have much. A one-room shack she rents in Majengo, a slum on the edge of Nairobi. A couple of kangas, the bright print wraps she wears as skirts, and a couple of blouses. A transistor radio, some aluminum pots and one little luxury, a gilded bottle of spicy perfume.

It isn't much to show for 23 years of hard work, on the job from 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening, every day but Sunday, when she goes to church, and once a year when she visits her family in Tanzania for a few weeks. She doesn't have a house of her own, doesn't have any savings, doesn't have a plot of land to grow maize or beans.

There is one other thing that Ms. Simon doesn't have: AIDS.
I watched a documentary on this phenominal case. It's an intriguing situation.

I watched a documentary on this phenominal case. It's an intriguing situation.

It is indeed. If ever anyone deserved to be immune to AIDS, it is a woman sex worker in Nairobi. The great number of deaths from this disease makes this situation even more fantastic.
The problem is so few are immune to aids and when you think about it, it's such a small fraction.

I read a report a about a year ago, on how they've been trying to find the few people who also may carry "Black Plague" resistance passed down from there families over the years who survived direct contact with the plague. As the Black Plague, or forms of it supposedly had the same attack mech as AIDs once it had entered the body.

I havn't read anything recently on this or if they'd have any new research done since the initial tests with people from the UK

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