Last weekend, a car went barreling into a group of people leaving the bar, killing one.

The grieving mother said today "it could happen to anyone".
No, it doesn't.

She has a heavy East Indian accent. All the people in that group who got run down were East Indian, most wearing traditional garb. The driver was East Indian, angry at this family for doing one of those "sins of our religion" like not marrying the groom chosen at birth or something.

I am not rascist, not unless it is called for. Race plays a role here.

There is no way "this could happen to anyone" outside that family, or outside the East Indian culture at least. They are not after ME, they are not after anyone other than that targetted East Indian family he ran down.

Ok, so I am taking advantage of a grieving mother's desprerate words to make a point. And my point is somewhat rascist too, I admit it. But there is something here that needs to be discussed, these killings are not to be tolerated in Canada.

Behind this is the idea that the East Indians, more than any other group of immigrants to Canada [yes, I am one of them into the 2nd generation in Canada] , is IMPORTING their culture here, complete with crime that goes with such barbaric customs as arranged marriages and the other customs they insist on.

Maybe I am in dream land thinking people could immigrate to Canada and not bring their baggage with them. Most of them do just that however - leaving the traditional customs behind and adapting to Canada. Those traditions are still given a nod on special days, but generally they are left out of life in Canada.

Maybe I am being too hard on the parts of East Indian culture that are causing such hard emotions and deadly killings, but it is very flagrant and obvious, it has no relation to any other areas of life in Canada.

I would like to find a way to filter out some traditional cultures for immigrants to Canada. How about when they start killing each other over a tradition, we ban that tradition? ? Arranged marriages would be the first one...