According to a video I saw, watermelons are crazily growing all over Katrina devastated areas. Strangely, when I tried to find more details, there were none and the original clip went missing too. Does anyone know anything about this watermelon thing? I have some theories, but they aren't politically correct.

Would you eat one of these watermelons? I wouldn't. Like they gotta be tainted in some way.
Hmmm .. No,
But thats weird .. You seen a videa of WaterMelons
growing over .. That Katirna place?

And it depends .. If i was starving for food and dying,
yes id eat one.
I was thinking that the watermelons were the souls of the dead. But I'm weird.
Never once in my life have I ever thought of being reincarnated as a watermelon Hm! Fertilized by the waste products of the dead..no way would I be eating any!
Hey, if there are limits on what you can be reincarnated as, I have not heard them.

I would like to be reincarnated as a peach tree.
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