Uzoma Azuh is suffering from Leukemia and needs bone marrow. They have check the world wide registry of 10 million people and he can't find a match. He is going to Wayne State University to become a doctor. Please go to www.donorcorner (external - login to view) to find out how to sign up to become a donor. Please tell all of your friends and family. If he doesn't receive bone marrow he will die. I was a bone marrow donor myself and now I am helping to get the word out about getting on the registry and I started a website to do that. The little pain that you go thru isn't as painful as losing your family member. The pain is more like you over did exercising or you had a rough game of hockey. You can email if you want more info. The address is on the website. If you had someone in your family you would hope that people would get on the list. The life you save could be your own life. If you need bone marrow in the future and you already got people to get on the list then you may have a match. Together we can save lives.