Canadian peacekeeper killed in Haiti

Canadian peacekeeper killed in Haiti

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A former Mountie from Quebec has died after being shot during an ambush while on a United Nations peacekeeping mission in Haiti.

Mark Bourque, 57, of Stoneham, Que., was one of 25 retired police officers that Canada sent in October to join the UN mission trying to stabilize Haiti before an election.

A UN spokesperson said Bourque and another peacekeeper were patrolling in a Port-au-Prince slum on Tuesday morning when two unknown men opened fire on their vehicle.

Damien Anses Cardona of the United Nations Stabilization Mission said Bourque was shot in the leg and lost a lot of blood, later dying in hospital.[/teaser]

That is terrible news.
Bourque's murder probably failed kidnap attempt

A teaser:

The retired RCMP officer killed in Haiti Tuesday probably died as part of a botched kidnap attempt, a United Nations spokesman said Wednesday.

The UN's David Wimhurst also told reporters that bullet fragments from Mark Bourque's car will be analyzed in the hopes of finding out more about his killers, described as a group of Haitians who shot at him as he drove through a violent slum.

Bourque was part of a 25-person team of retired officers helping prepare Haitian police for upcoming elections. His body will be flown to Toronto Wednesday evening on a Challenger jet. [/teaser]

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That is a very sad thing to of happened, especially since he was down there trying to help people. Sigh, I guess there is still a lot of work to do in Haiti. My condolences to his family.

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