Phyllis Gretzky dead at age 64


Phyllis Gretzky dead at age 64

A teaser:

Wayne Gretzky's mother, Phyllis, lost her battle with lung cancer on Monday. She was 64.

"Throughout my career, she was in the background but she was the glue," Wayne Gretzky said at the time of her diagnosis in the autumn of 2004. "She's always been the toughest in the family."

Gretzky announced Saturday he was taking indefinite leave of his coaching duties with the Phoenix Coyotes to be with his ailing mother in Brantford, Ontario. [/teaser]

Sad news.
Ocean Breeze
OH DEAR. .......RIP.....Mrs. Gretzky

I heard that he was making "family" a priority at the moment just the other day . He tactfully did not go into any specifics.
My thoughts and prayers to all of the Gretzky family.
Yes, Wayne took a leave to be with his mother during this time. Only days after he announced the leave, his mother died in a Brantford hospital. "The glue that holds the family together", he called her.

Best Hockey Mom Ever, in my opinion. Wayne was a very lucky man (as was the rest of his family)

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