Health Canada bans Bextra


The federal government has banned a popular arthritis drug because it may cause a heart attack or stroke.

The drug Bextra, which racked up global sales of $1.3 billion in 2004, has now been banned permanently.


"cox-2 inhibitors" - they are all the same in their deadly ability to cause heart attacks and stroke, no study or results from the field has shown any difference.
Celebrex, Vioxx, Bextra... cox-2 inhibitors.

Vioxx has killed more people than the other two, but because it is the most common one used.

Estimates run at about 100,000 heart attacks or strokes due to the use of these pills in North America alone. The danger increases the longer you take them, and the 12 to 18 mos. period is where the heart attacks and strokes normally occurs.

So, we must ask why the other two or three pills with cox-2 inhibitors are still being pushed/allowed by the primary drug dealers in our world?

Health Canada is the body responsible for drug approvals. We are not getting our money's worth - They are not protecting us.

Speaking of money.... have you given to a charity this year? Possibility exists that those dollars went to medical research.
Here is one example of "medical research":
"Pfizer Funds $100 Million Study On Cox-2 Inhibitors Celebrex"

$100 million would save many lives if spent right. This study is just a way to skew results to make Celebrex appear to be safe, safer than "those other cox-2 inhibitiors".
To excuse it and believe "its their money" is baloney. Its shareholder's money, sure, but it came from PROFITS from selling Celebrex, money that by all standards of decency should not be so much more "earned" from the drug than was paid out in lawsuits to its victims.
And charity!! Where do you think money goes when its for "medical research"? Much of it goes to drug compaines to build pills, or whatever it is they do there.

NOT much of it goes to actual therapy, the physical hands on therapy or 'supports for living' with diseases like cancer.

NONE of it goes to finding a CAUSE of the illnesses being researched, and

NONE to finding actual CURES.


Got it? Still going to give your money to them? Even if they use it to produce propaganda to say Celebrex is safe despite the unassaialable fact that cox-2 inhibitors are the deadly part of the drug and cox-2 inhibs will be in Celebrex no matter how long they study it or how many millions they spend on research.

Celebrex's Toughest Trial:
"With the risks of the painkilling drug still being debated, Pfizer tries to settle the safety question once and for all"

note - this drug trial intends to prove Celebrex's safety.
These are the same kind of people as Merck who held back information for three years about cox-2 inhibitors stroke and heart attack risks. Different company, but same FDA oversight... and likely some of the same personel contracted to do the work since all the drug companies use the same research companies and never do these trials with their own staff.

They simply cannot be believed, trusted, or tolerated anymore. But we do...
I think you have the pharmaceuticle industry figured out!

That's not actually true by a long shot. Have you ever heard of antibiotics? They cure diseases. Get rid of them and you would see hundreds of millions of extra deaths. Right now we can still cure a lot of STDs, TB, leprosy, malaria, etc thanks to drugs.

The reason that a lot of pills manage symptoms could be because some diseases don't have simple cures. I'm no fan of the pharmaceutical industry in a lot of ways, but many of those "symptom management" pills save countless lives. Those companies stand to make a fortune if they are able to cure diseases, so it isn't like they aren't trying to figure out how to do it. Just look at the cause of most diseases and you'll see they are so multifactorial that expecting a medicine to cure it is silly.

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