Scientists: Greenland Glaciers Retreating

I think not
SAN FRANCISCO - Two of Greenland's largest glaciers are retreating at an alarming pace, most likely because of climate warming, scientists said Wednesday.

One of the glaciers, Kangerdlugssuaq, is currently moving about 9 miles a year compared to 3 miles a year in 2001, said Gordon Hamilton of the University of Maine's Climate Change Institute.

The other glacier, Helheim, is retreating at about 7 miles a year up from 4 miles a year during the same period.

"It's quite a staggering rate of increase," Hamilton said at the American Geophysical Union annual meeting.

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Reverend Blair
Meanwhile your politicians stood up in Motreal and said that they don't want to do anything about global warming because it might hurt their pocketbooks.

Something about rising sea-levels, ITN...New York City will be under water.
That's OK; it will just sink a lot of Democrats....(just kidding)

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