Horror in Saddam jails.

From TOM NEWTON DUNN, Defence Editor
in Iraq

AN Iraqi woman wept yesterday as she told Saddam Hussein’s trial how his torturers stripped, electrocuted, beat and abused her.

The woman, identified only as Witness A, gave harrowing details of a sex assault when she was only 16 by secret police interrogators.

She told the hushed Baghdad court she was ordered to undress and hinted that she had been raped.

She said: “I begged them, but they hit me with their pistols.

“There were five or more, and they treated me like a banquet.”

She said the torturers gave her electric shocks and beat her with cables. Witness A, who was among hundreds rounded up after a failed assassination bid on Saddam in 1982, also told how guards tied a rope to a deaf mute man’s genitals and pulled him into a women’s cell.

And she said a woman watched her baby die during birth after jailers stopped anyone helping her.

A man, Witness C, told how he was electrocuted with a powerful current passed through his earlobes.

All witnesses had their voices disguised and were hidden behind a curtain to protect them from reprisal attacks threatened by Saddam loyalists.

Saddam and seven of his top officials face crimes against humanity charges over the executions of 148 men in Dujail

This show is dismissed by the West.
Doesn't get ratings in Ontario.

But boy does it get the ratings in the Middle East.
They're all watching.
I think the whole Saddam trial is a big joke. Sure he tortured a bunch of people who tried to assassinate him. But thats just the kinda things that has to be done to keep control in those countries. He did a much better job of keeping all the different groups in iraq from blowing each other up than the americans. And from the sounds of it the americans use torture as well.

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