Has The Planet's Axis Shifted?

There is something radically wrong with our weather when on Nov.30,it is plus 13 in Saint john and snowing in Vancouver. This is a bit far out, but my theory is that ,due to the overly obesity of most north american,the combined weight has caused the Earth to move off its orbital path enough to influence these weird weather patterns. Now,I am not a scientist[but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once!]
Hard-Luck Henry
I'm no scientist either, missile, but I have seen photographs of visitors to Disneyland. When that obesity is coupled with all the belching and farting they do, I'd say this is a very real problem, and no laughing matter.
Ten Packs
Nah, it's America (once again)...
They've moved so far to the right that it's squeezing Caribbean weather up toward the Maritimes. A good pole vaulter can now illegally enter Key West from Cuba. Holland is really worried - their dikes are within a foot of cresting....
And the slight vacuum on the West coast is dragging cold air down from Alaska.

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