Tony Blair was today trying to give a speech about Britain's future energy sources. He wants new generation nuclear power stations to be built, but his speech was attacked by anti-nuclear protesters.


ANTI-NUCLEAR protesters today scaled the roof of a conference centre where Tony Blair was due to launch a review of Britain's energy needs.

One of the two men unfurled a Greenpeace banner reading 'Nuclear: wrong answer' during the protest at the Confederation of British Industry conference at the Business Design Centre in Islington, north London.

Conference organisers eventually decided the Prime Minister should deliver his speech from another hall. The protestors had demanded the right to make a speech before Mr Blair's.

The demonstration delayed the start of the speech, in which he was expected to say the energy review must look at all possible sources of power - including nuclear.

The demonstrators gained access to the centre despite strict security and climbed onto gantries inside the main hall.

They were dressed in suits and ties, wore high visibility vests and appeared to have security passes.

They also used safety harnesses to attach themselves to the roof frame.

They sprinkled hundreds of yellow stickers which read "Nuclear, wrong answer," onto the businessmen and women inside the hall, who were sitting waiting for the conference to start.

Security guards stood around as the two men unfurled their banners and dropped the stickers.

Conference delegates were then told to leave the hall and have tea and coffee because of the protest.

One protester sat down immediately above the stage where the Prime Minister had been due to address the conference.

Delegates looked bemused as they filed out of the hall although some took photographs with mobile phones to record the demonstration.

One of the protesters said he was a trained climber.

Asked how long he would remain in the roof he replied: "As long as it

A Greenpeace spokeswoman said: "We are launching the fight back against a new nuclear era in the UK by trying to prevent Tony Blair from giving his planned speech at the conference."

She named the protesters as Huw Williams and Nyls Verhauelt.