I am the unrelated bone marrow donor of a young boy that needs a treatment called photopheresis. He has graph versus host disease. He is sent out of province to get treatments when they have a machine in Toronto collecting dust. The machine was donated to the Princess Margaret hospital by the US manufactor. The government is spending 1.6 million a year to send patients out of province when in fact it would only cost 300 000 to treat them in our own province. What a waste of money. The family has to be separate while this boy is getting treatments in another province. I started a website so we can make people aware of this and there is a letter to can fax to you MPP or Dalton McGinty. It has all the MPP faxes and emails. The website is also to educate people on how to get on the bone marrow list because the young boy only had 3 weeks to live before he got my bone marrow. the website is www.donorcorner.com (external - login to view)