Mercury in school's Ventilation - Teachers Tested positive

I cannot find this story anywhere - alternative news sites, regular media outlets... nothing.

But it was on Global TV last night, the regional broadcast for BC.
[Global's website doesn't seem to have it either]

They reported that teachers have gotten tested for mercury after mercury was found in the ventilation system in a school.
The tests revealed levels as high as 71 times normal in some teachers. But thats why I want the news story, to get some good facts - please post it if you see it eh?

Mercury is the #1 denied harmfull substance - not the most harmfull, but the most denied. Thats due to the "dentites" [ as we like to call them] and their corporate associations lobbying Health Canada to keep them from regulating it. Scandalous!

"The Canadian Dental Association and the Dental Industry Association of Canada have influenced Health Canada for their professional and corporate advantage at the expense of the public health:"

Health Canada is guilty of collusion and conspiracy after entering into talks and agreements with the CDA :
In 1985, Health Canada bureaucrats entered into private agreements with the Canadian Dental Association (C.D.A.) and the Dental Industry Association of Canada to exempt all dental restorative materials from pre-market review
In doing so, the laws of the House of Commons of Canada were violated by government employees after being influenced by dental trade organizations.
Between 1982 and 1994, when the Privy Council officially changed the law (January 13, 1994: Amendment 1994-1, dental restorative materials, regardless of chemical composition, were allowed, uncontrolled, into Canada for human use.
This policy continues to this day"

Ya, but is it hamfull?

Health Canada was aware of a large body of scientific research and risk information that clearly identifies potential health risks posed by dental silver/mercury fillings.
Despite this knowledge, Health Canada, after private meetings with the C.D.A., failed to inform dentists, physicians, and medical and dental patients regarding the full extent of these risks for over 20 years

From "world's largest Amalgam study" -
Mercury load from amalgam fillings:
"As a further statistical result the study established that the mercury concentration in saliva (before and after chewing) depends on the number amalgam fillings. The exposure lo mercury from amalgam fillings has been scientifically debated, The results from the Tübingen study clearly show an increased mercury load from amalgam fillings. "

K -
Amalgam fillings - those with mercury in them - should have limits, as suggested, at about 1 per child and 4 per adult/lifetime.

Personally, my health was bad by age 20... and I had 17 amalgam fillings before age 16yrs, and they were replaced up to three times each, giving me a total of over 45 doses where the new recomendation says 4 is the maximum safe limit.

Despite this overwhelming toxic threat, I cannot get any doc or dentist to test my mercury load. Instead, they gave me morphine for the pains, Prozak for the 'nervousness' [neuroligical symptoms], and a big boot in the *** when I politely push for better diagnosis.

Dentists refused to treat me too, it took over 5 years of agony just to get extractions done, dentists stonewalling me along the way - I believe they are under pressure [from above, and financially] not to do any extractions, it is less profits for them. The pain was so extreme that the Doc put me on Gabpentin [off-label use], a dangerous drug that would not have been needed if I could have got the extractions done in a timely manner. All those pains{"Trigeminal Neuralgia"] went away after extractions [the dentites said they would NOT go away with ecxtractions].

Dental amalgam - (external - login to view)
I saw that on news as well but on CTV National.

I had my mercury fillings removed and had porcelain put in the few real teeth I have left.
It is the Mt Baker secondary school in Cranbrook.

Further details emerged today on global TV last night -
The region's Medical Health Officer reported that "after the cleanup this summer, mercury vapours have been reduced to acceptable levels".

I could have predicted THAT, but it is bogus - there never has been any "safe levels" established for mercury vapour , that medical officer didn't have anything to base such a statement on. If you can find regulations that say "X amount of mercury vapour is considered to be no threat to human health", then I am wrong [but you won't find it].

In fact, no dangerous amount has ever been established either.
In fact, there is absolutely nothing in Health Canada's regulations about any danger, threat, affect, or consequence from ingesting mercuy in any amount or form. The dental associations demanded it and got that consession about 150 years ago and it never did get any further regulatory legislation.

But that doesn't mean it is safe - the teachers in that school are SICK!!! One said he is fatigued all the time now - a typical early sign of mercury poisening. Sore joints and memory loss are also showing up in many teachers there.

One extreme case four years ago was where a dentist who believed the lies actually boiled some mercury on his stovetop and he died right away.

Mercury does not penetrate the skin, but inhaling vapours will get ya. Thats why the ventiliation system in that Cranbrook school is a concern - some mercury drops were found inside it.

One mother with a son who studied in the suspect lab in that school is concerned for his future, with good reason.

Mercury is darn dangerous stuff, and the only reason it isn't regulated for use in humans and for human exposeures is simple that the dentites demanded it. Regulated outside the body as toxic, but it is okay in our mouths? C'mon, this is wrong.
I wonder if anyone has heard anymore?
This incident actually has significant potential to raise the discussion of mercury poisening.
There are some who say MOST of the "modern chronic illnesses" like the much-maligned Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are, in fact, none other than mercury poisening.

They need to test TISSUES.
False negatives have been used to lead us to believe that there is nothing to mercury contamination fears. {Those false negatives come from using blood and urine tests, which are only good for detecting an immediate [acute] contamination, as in only usefull for the first days after exposure. }\\

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