Blizzard Entertainment, are being sued ...

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" Makers of "World of Warcraft" - Blizzard Entertainment, are being sued by the parents of a 13-year-old Tianjin boy, on charges that the game caused the death of their son.

The parents have filed a law-suit against Blizzard Entertainment, alleging that their son jumped to his death while re-enacting a scene from "World of Warcraft". "

"Many Chinese parents feel that their children spend too many hours gaming at Internet cafes at the risk of their health, school and work. The Chinese government, which is looking at how best to respond to its citizen's worries, has already said that it intends to restrict gamers to 3 hours of consecutive play by employing "a fatigue technique".

This technique would imply loss of some player power after 3 hours of play; further loss of power after 5 hours of play; followed by a delay of 5 hours before the game can be accessed to its full capacity. "
the kid was 13, if he was dumb enough to reenact a scence from a game then he deserved exactly what he got.

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