Bird Flu In BC

Our official first case of the Asian Bird Flu has been found in a BC duck. Thankfully,all British Columbians are totally vegan
was the duck in quartine?
No they pulled it from a processing line to test it for something else, when they discovered it had the bird flu. Not in below link but what was said on the ctv news at 6 tonight.

Here is a link from CTV National.

Cull ordered at B.C. farm where avian flu found

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency will order the cull of all birds on a B.C. farm where a dead duck tested positive for the H5 strain of avian flu.

That means the precautionary killing of 65,000 birds.

However, another four poultry farms within a five-kilometre radius of the first farm could yet face cull orders in the next few days.

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