Explain this, someone

Its sunday, so I have decided to post topics in the nascar way...anyhos..can someone explain to me why 2 men would want to fight in the nude outside of wendys

Men Accused Of Fighting Nude Outside Restaurant

WASHINGTON, Ind. -- Two men were arrested after they were seen fighting in the nude near a fast-food restaurant in southern Indiana over the weekend, police said.

Aaron G. Clark, 22, and Samuel Petty, 19, were charged with public intoxication. Police said neither was wearing clothes as they fought Saturday night near a Wendy's restaurant in Washington.

Police didn't say why the men were naked or why they were fighting.

Clark and Petty were released from jail after posting bond.

Washington is about 50 miles southwest of Bloomington

www.theindychannel.com/news/5...0444&qs=1;bp=t (external - login to view)
Reverend Blair
This is just a guess, but the words Jack Daniels come to mind.
Jo Canadian
Perhaps they were practicing for the Classical Olympic wrestling...or they were -uh, never mind I can't wrap my mind around this one.

They do make a cute couple though. I'd say the fella on the left would be the dominant one in that relationship.
Reverend Blair
picture this Those two nude
Jo Canadian
gross. That's pretty disgusting. Not a great advertiser for Wendy's either.

Once at a Wendy's we're sitting there eating and look outside... lo and behold, there were two guys making out on the hood of their car. While I'm all for gays, like live your life, um we were eating. Well, we were.

try this one on...a few weeks ago I was sitting outside starbucks, minding my own business drinking java...A guys comes along...his fly is undone, and he is not wearing any underwear

Do you mind!!! I am trying to drink coffee I don't come here to see your feckin genitals...I still don't see why everyone laughed
Reverend Blair
They were likely laughing at you staring at some guy's genitals, Peapod.
Martin Le Acadien
Quote: Originally Posted by Reverend Blair

This is just a guess, but the words Jack Daniels come to mind.

By Jupiter, I think he's got it. Drunks and Nudity always make for a show!

Had an older neighbour who liked to drink and ride around in her nightgown! Local cops would have a field day, but she was never pass the legal limit of .08 but they loved to take her in for the show!
uhh ppl like to have fun pea how they do it is not up to me
Because of Wendy's " No Shoes,No Shirt,No Service" policy,they had to take their fight outside :P
hey tht a good one too
Dexter Sinister
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

...I still don't see why everyone laughed

I guess you missed it when the guy at the next table said it's not worth making a fuss over such a little thing.
hahahah thts good
I WAS not STARING at his genitals rev! It just so happens when someone is walking toward a crowd of people with your privates exposed! its kinda hard to miss...as far as people laughing, well I just happen to say out loud what they were already thinking :P
i still like the too small to laugh at thingy
Size really does matter,doesn't it?
Well if its a to small thingy, than how can you see it eh? Are you packing a neutron microscope lil mi media naranja :P
yo no soy naranja yo soy planto
Yo no vengo a resolver nada. Yo vine aqui para cantar y para que cantes conmigo
... Yo aqui me despido, vuelvo a mi casa, en mis suenos. Soy nada mas que un
GL Schmitt
Wendyís have officially cancelled all their subsidies for the reestablishment of the traditional G-RWF!*

* Greco-Roman Wrestling Federation.

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