Tyson Lakeside Strike Over

The union has voted to accept their first contract and are going back to work. Congratulations ,Brothers and Sisters
Right on!

I also hope things improve for the workers and the company "smartens up" a bit and works together with union and employees to makr Tyson a safer and better place to work.
Reverend Blair
If Tyson follows their usual pattern, they will continue to try to bust the union. They will use tactics like intimidating new employees, cutting hours as much as possible for union members, and charging injured workers with safety infractions.

It's good that they got the first contract though. That's a huge step and we have laws here.
I'm also glad to see they got the first contract there. We have been trying to organize them for a while now. Hopefully they will treat there employees better then before. I've also heard they are trying to get the anti scab legislation in Alberta as well as automatic certification like we have here in Manitoba.

I've also heard they are trying to get the anti scab legislation in Alberta

Good Luck with that bunch in office there. In my opinion they should of had anti scab legislation like we have in BC after that Gainers strike in Edmonton many moons ago.
I've heard about the Gainers strike and also the Shaw Confrence Center in Edmonton.
Our worst strike here in Manitoba and probally most famous would have to be Westfair.
and not the Winnipeg general strike? ha ha I am only "pulling your leg"
Congratulations are in order for the Lakeside workers that stood firm and won this contract.

A BOOOOOO! to the workers who crossed the line each day and will now enjoy the benefits of union membership along with the usual preferential treatment that suckholes get.
I'd also like to congradulate UFCW loccal 401 and UFCW Canada for all the time, hard work and effort they put into this drive. I can almost bet I know who a majority of the people are who didn't want the union in there.

Great to see a first contract in this case.

It might surprize some of you, but I've been a union man most of my life.
I've been involved in my union since I started at my job (safeway) since 1998, but my whole family is very involved in there unions.
I am not a union member. My employer treats me well and I have not seen a need for a union.

I do believe that unions have done a lot to improve the quality of life for the majority of workers.

If there was ever an example of a workplace that was in need of unionization it is Lakeside Packers.

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