Halloween Shenagins.

Man in Surrey attacked with a machete on Halloween night (external - login to view)

Mission parents find razor in child's Halloween candy (external - login to view)

Man stabbed at Playland's Fright Night (external - login to view)

Plus lots more "evil behaviour" as well. That bloody RCMP helicopter has been buzzing almost over head for last 15 minutes, too loud and anoying, but a car was vandelized pretty bad down the road so I guess they are looking for someone.
Ocean Breeze
Dang.........that is a real bummer.
I especially hope they find that goofball that put razor blade in candy. Why the hell would someone do that?
Halloween sucks and should have been cancelled years ago. Like who thinks it's a good idea to pound on strangers doors begging for free ****.

It's not 1950 anymore, it isn't a good idea. Besides, I friggin hate it.
Green, thanks for that. Glad you don't live in my neighborhood. We still know how to live life and have fun.

We had about 85 kids....lots of fun. One of the neighbors had an imitation chain saw, it spewed sparks, and he'd chase the kids around his yard....it was all good fun.

Beautiful warm night, so everyone was out wandering, having fun.
We only had about 20 kids. I might not be the 1950's but we live in a close community with lots of the people I went to school with, friends and my in-laws. It was a nice night to be out with the neighbors trading leftovers.
I saw on CTV news last night that Halloween is now the second largest retail "season" of the year after Christmas and lots of adults are right into it, when it was not the case years ago.
I had a nice 'fro last night...nest year I'm going to be an elf!
Well at this moment I am still celebrating Halloween. ha ha
Is it the celebratory hangover no1?
Have not gotten to the hangover stag yet, as still drinking pulling a rare all nighter terrible thing to do at my age. ha ha
I had zero kids, one of the benefits of living out here, don't gotta share the candy.
This is the list for all of the province:

Four arrested in Halloween arsons
Last updated Nov 1 2005 11:10 AM AST
CBC News
The RCMP on P.E.I. has arrested four people, and are looking for three more people, after two separate cases of arson on opposite ends of the Island.

Kings District RCMP was called to the Loan Bridge Road on Tuesday night after six males were seen lighting a large fire. The person who called police was attempted to keep the half dozen people at the scene, but they took off in a car before officers could arrive.

Three of the suspects were picked up a short time later, and the Mounties said they are on the hunt for three more people.

In western P.E.I., one man was arrested after a fire in Tignish.

The West Prince Detachment said it is also investigating a burned out vehicle in Alberton.

Three people were also held overnight after being nabbed for various crimes of mischief in western P.E.I.

Local fire departments and the transportation department were also kept busy putting out fires, and clearing debris from local roadways.

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