BC School Boards Ban "Ten Little Indians"

The silly little rhyme we all learned in Grade One has been deemed ofensive to the native groups and banned from the school systems.Does this really promote hatred and intolerance between whites and Indians/ Or is this just another atempt at political correctness? For myself,any bogotry I has was drummed into me by my parents and my Church & the only people Ididn't like in early grade school were all the little girls[supposedly they all were cootie infested!]
Ten Packs
More PC gone nuts.....

(btw, ever strike you as funny that less than ten years later, you couldn't WAIT to get at those cooties?)

Yep! They weren't all that bad at all
I think it does promote confusion. I live in Surrey. To me an Indian is from India. A native is from Canada. When people use the term 'indian" to describe a native I get all confused and have to ask for clarification.
Ocean Breeze

To me an Indian is from India

me too.!! Isn't the current name for our natives : First Nations??

Gosh, the word "Indians " has stuck for so long. ......and all because some explorer made a mistake.
Possibly,but this poem was being taught to 5 and 6 yr old kids and they don't even understand bigotry or hatred at that age. I think I was even innocent back then.Sigh!!
I propose the poem be replaced with "99 Bottles Of Beer on The Wall"
I hate political correctness, but in this case I do think the rhyme can be construed as being insulting. Its not as though this rhyme is a part of our cultural heritage or something.
Kids will still learn it and say it, however maybe by banning the book they are doing a great thing, as it shows that these little "racist poems" are not okay anymore and how the schools can rise above diferences in people. I think that teaches a good lesson, especially since schools have people from so many cultures now.

The lesson would be it is not nice or appropriate to make fun (which leads to hurt feelings and bitterness or resentment)of other races even if it is just a "rhyme" or in "fun".

Just because it was okay when we were all in school, does not make it right. All races are equal and kids need to learn this in school not racist little rhymes as what they learn do in school shapes their views on people and things later in life.
Ocean Breeze
Quote: Originally Posted by missile

I propose the poem be replaced with "99 Bottles Of Beer on The Wall"

there ya go..
uh! thought this was about agatha christie's, ten little indians..
GL Schmitt
It is rather difficult to defend this innocent little poem.

Actually, it has been bowdlerized once already.

Originally, those "Indians" were "******s (external - login to view)"



"And Then There Was None" by Agatha Christie originally had a different (external - login to view) title.
Hey, that was interesting triva...but I really like the neat freak hercules perot...
GL Schmitt
As one of three novels based upon nursery rhymes, including Hickory Dickory Dock and Pocket Full of Rye, Agatha Christies And Then There Were None was published in 1939.

It was a different era, and the inclusion of a racist poem indicates only that Dame Christie could plot a murder mystery around practically anything.
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