Early retirers don't live longer

Early retirers don't live longer (external - login to view)

Researchers have disproved the theory that people who take early retirement enjoy longer lives as a result.

In fact, those who stop working at 55 have nearly double the death rate of those who continue to work on until they reach 65, a study suggests.

The work, published in the British Medical Journal, involved over 3,500 employees of the petrochemical industry who retired at 55, 60, and 65.

Poorer health forcing some to retire early may be a factor, say the authors.

Longevity clues

However, this would not entirely explain the differences they found, neither would factors such as sex and socioeconomic status.

Men were far more likely to die at a younger age than women, as were those on lower incomes compared to those with the highest incomes, but after controlling for this the researchers still found a big survival gap between the different retirement ages.

I was very surprised about this. But poorer health forcing people to retire may be a reason as well. Click link at top for the rest.
Ten Packs
Well, you've sure up-chucked in MY Stew, no1 - thanks a bunch - guess I might as well go pour another Drink, then.


I've had 6 years of it so far..guess you guys won't have me to kick around much longer
I think part of the reason is that many retirees do not stay as active - either mentally or physically.
Agreed. A friend of mine who retired one year before me just sat around and drank..he's two years dead today and his father is still going strong[we meet nearly every day while out walking].
GL Schmitt
I agree.

There is a vast difference between retiring and quitting work.

Some of the happiest and healthiest old codgers I know are involved in a second vocation as volunteers at some social service organization.

I have a theory that the reason they are so content is because they are building up good karma to off-set the harm they did during their first career.

Like any organism, those who vegetate quickly rot.
I retired early and have for the most part, enjoyed it. I think it is important to stay connected with people and to keep a sense of being needed. Let's face it, you.ve never had so much spare time in your life and it is very easy to get into a funk from boredom. We are building a new house and I have laid out my future workshop maybe twenty times. What the hell, it's fun. I plan to work at refinishing old furniture.
Its not that they live longer...its that they have more time to enjoy what is important in their lives.
Ocean Breeze
Quote: Originally Posted by MMMike

I think part of the reason is that many retirees do not stay as active - either mentally or physically.

very true. One reason that many retired folks /seniors are now going back to school. Keeps their minds active , meet new people, students and advance their general knowledge base...

and more power to them.
Survey finds Canadians retiring at 58 on average, with debt seen as OK by 48% (external - login to view)


TORONTO (CP) - Canadians are retiring during prime earning years with a more lackadaisical attitude toward debt, a new survey suggests, but economists warn the trend can't continue.

The average retirement age is now 58, according to an Ipsos-Reid survey conducted for RBC Financial Group. And while 85 per cent of working Canadians polled believe it's important to pay their debts before retiring, 48 per cent don't believe it's necessary to retire debt-free.

Currently, about one-third of retired Canadians have debt, with the average load weighing in at about $35,000.

"We seem to be observing an emerging mind-set where many Canadians do not see the need to retire their debt before they themselves retire from work," said Dave Richardson, vice-president of RBC Asset Management Inc. [/teaser]

Interesting numbers. I was suprised that average age for retirement was 58. Also suprised so many think it is okay to retire with a debt.
I don't see anything wrong

with retiring early. I retired at 56 debt-free. Debt-free is good, but if your pension income can comfortably handle any debts you might have, I don't see a problem. An average debt of $35,000.00 was mentioned. That is a car payment. I had gone through a time when an older sibling got into health problems and died before having any retirement. Since we retired, my wife and I have traveled a fair amount and we are both occupied with our own interests. The freedom is great but you have to use it.

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