Enbridge makes FINAL Pipeline decision!

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cnrp.ccnmatthews.com/client/e.../releaseen.jsp (external - login to view)

As reported in the Business Section of the weekend Vancouver Sun, Enbridge Inc. has made the FINAL decision to go ahead with the $4 Billion Petroleum and Condensate pipelines, from the oilfields of Alberta and B.C. to the Pacific coast of B.C.
In a move that will end, for good, Canada's "eggs-in-one-basket" past, this will now open the market for Canadian Petroleum to not only the United States, but the entire Asian-Pacific market, which is erupting. For instance, PetroChina has already signed a Memorandum of Understanding, committing to HALF the pipeline's capacity, due to open as soon as 2010.

Uh...... now about the softwood, the beef, and the Byrd Amendment, boys....

Ten Packs
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