He let the kid die for free rent

How low can a person get?


He should be charged too IMO.
Geez ... and here we spend our time worrying about what Bush is doing while our own are dying right here.

Always amazes me that we have to register our guns and get a licence to drive a car, but any clown can have a baby. Something wrong with that system.
I've been following that story in the papers the last few weeks. It is heartbreaking! These people basically starved this kid to death. He was kept locked up in his unheated bedroom which was full of **** and piss. He was so thirsty he would sneak out to drink from the toilet. These m-frs responsible should suffer a long slow painful death. Story yesterday says that Catholic Childrens Aid should have known all about it.

I saw that..and hope there are also charges brought against him. He could use some free room and board in a nice warm prison
I'd like to see everyone involved in this neutered and spayed also. Nobody from that situation should be allowed to procreate either again or to begin with.

That's beyond depraved. This is something entirely different. What kind of person allows this to happen for financial reasons? besides presidents.

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