Lakeside Packers/ Tyson strike

When we were out in Brooks at the plant, they had many signs on the highway advertising for jobs.
Well hopefully the union can "encourage" Lakeside/Tyson to improve working conditions.

Most empolyers I know want long term workers and do not work them to the bone until they quit or get fired, which seems to be the present situation in Brooks.
Well look at their record, they are all about violence and goon squads.
You are right about the goon and thug mentality, sounds like the old days when unions were new on the scene.

Part of the problem too is the weak Labour laws in Alberta.
Reverend Blair

I have yet to see an application that asked how creative you could be with curse words.

I tried for gig like that. I didn't get the contract though...they didn't like my price. I don't they fully appreciated my full vocabulary of obscenities.

Tyson's continual search for employees is really their weak spot. They are having trouble filling positions and will eventually be so short of workers that they will have to change. It is why companies like Tyson prefer to see a high unemployment rate...employees are easier to intimidate when there are fewer job options available.
I think with this contract things will change gradually. Work in a slaughter house will always be hard work but at least it should be safe and the workers should get a little respect for their hard work. Most importantly they should be allowed to seek medical attention when needed without fear of reprecussion.

BTW! The offloading facility I manage is not unionized. The topic of a union has never been brought up, to my knowledge.

The wages aren't high but people are well treated. I think that is the key to a safe and productive workplace.
I know what you mean I spent 3 years working for a man who treated me like family[he didn't pay them a lot either],but it was a fun place to work at.
The Lakeside Strike has been over for a week. The workers (strikers and non-strikers) are working side by side since Monday.

On my son's line 8 strikers are working alongside 4 who chose to cross the picket line and according to him they are all getting along just fine. They are all cracking jokes about the strike and each side has agreed to respect the others reasons for either striking or not striking.

It just goes to show that Lakeside has good people working for them and if the managers have even half a brain they will do whatever it takes to keep these people.

Maybe a good morning once in a while and an occasional pat on the back for a job well done at the end of the week is in order instead of the traditional Lakeside Packers racial slurs.
Thats all nice and all.

But it is too bad the Scabs are going to benefit from the gains the strikers made, who stood up for what they believed, and never crossed the line.

Hopefully the UFCW has it in their charter (like the TWU and PSAC) and can fine any scabs next time Tyson goes on strike. Believe me they will more than likely strike again when this contract is up.

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