Who Took The Cheese?

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Quebec firm abandons lost cheese

(CBC) - A Quebec cheese company has finally given up on finding $50,000 worth of cheese it sank underwater in an attempt to make it taste better.

Last year, La Fromagerie Boivin dropped 800 kg of cheese into the water of the Saguenay fjord, north of Quebec City.

Letting it sit 50 metres underwater was supposed to produce a cheese that would taste unique, but the company had major trouble finding its sunken cheese.

Divers and high-tech tracking equipment were used to search for the lost fromage.

"It's a mystery," said master diver Pierre Dufour, who assisted in the hunt. "All we know is that the cheese is no longer where it was left."

The company has given up hope of finding the cheese and is writing off its $50,000 value.

"It got too expensive," said cheesemaker Luc Boivin. "At some point, you can't be crazy."

Even if the cheese had been found, there were doubts about whether it could ever be sold.

In July, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency raised concerns about the sunken cheese. It said Boivin was breaking food safety laws because the cheese hadn't been analyzed at various stages of the aging process. That meant it couldn't be sold through retail outlets.

If a few restaurants start offering bargain cheese souffles or grilled cheese sandwiches it might raise some eyebrows.
I love the line: "At some point, you can't be crazy" Me thinks he passed that point.

And I don't even want to think about things like motor oils, dead fish, etc. enhaving the flavour of any cheese that I would eat.

Either the fish ate the cheese,or else it is already been turned into very runny poutine &sold.
I dare to ask the question: Who cut The cheese?"
I've just discovered something (fishy?)about this story... For 800 kg of cheese, to be worth $50,000.00, would mean it was worth $28.00 per pound. That is a pretty rare cheese..
Ten Packs
Pardon the "stupid" question, but these Bozo's didn't think of attaching a BOUY to the cheese???
Ten Packs
Quote: Originally Posted by #juan

I've just discovered something (fishy?)about this story... For 800 kg of cheese, to be worth $50,000.00, would mean it was worth $28.00 per pound. That is a pretty rare cheese..

Checked the prices of TRUE European cheeses lately?
That would be one expensive grilled cheese sandwich. $28 bucks a pound. wow.
To be honest Ten Packs, I haven't. If it is 28 dollars a pound, all the more reason to put a buoy on it, or an anchor....
Ten Packs
Well, you won't find 28 bucks a lb., but you can easily pay the same rate as the BEST T-bone or New York strip...
GL Schmitt
No doubt the cheese company thought that either their competition, or a rogue cheese connoisseur might have found their sunken fromage had they attached a buoy.

When you are dealing with someone who dropped a big hunk of cheese into a fiord, expecting it to increase in value, nothing is beyond consideration.

There may be good news. Perhaps it will kill off the zebra mussels.

Anybody want to go panning for cheese in the St. Lawrence Seaway?

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