Shocking pictures from Nunavut

Hi, haven't been here in a while but thought some of you might find this interesting- check out the juice prices:



One out of two Nunavummiut go hungry
“Listening to the local radio, there is a constant number of callers who want to borrow money for food”


If you asked 10 people in Nunavut whether they or someone in their household had gone without enough to eat in the past year because of a lack of money, five would say yes.

That means seven times as many people in Nunavut, per capita, have suffered from hunger than in Canada as a whole.

[...]A former Pond Inlet resident composed an email in Iqaluit this past Wednesday, including a photo of a one-litre box of McCain’s orange juice selling for $21.69 in the Northern Store this summer.

In the same store, a 1.89 litre of Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail was selling for $41.99. Smart shoppers could opt for the much less healthy option of Kool-Aid: one tin of the sugary drink powder cost just $52.49 to produce 26 litres of juice.

The rest at Nunatsiaq News (external - login to view)
Interesting. I thought there would have been at least one response to this thread.

May I ask why folks here wouldn't find "1 out of 2 hungry" because of high prices in a Canadian Territory interesting?

Just curious.
I would have thought some enterprising bush pilot with say, a DC-3, would bring in the same stuff for a fraction of the cost. By any language those prices are a rip-off. A dozen cases of that bottled juice at 41 dollars a bottle would fill the tanks of a DC-3..
Ocean Breeze
confess to not knowing as much as one should about the region.

ergo... some kwik research. (external - login to view)

It would take a very sturdy type of people to live there.
Yeah I couldn't live there.

Weather cold enough to freeze mercury isn't exactly my cup of tea.
Jo Canadian
Commercial items such as those above are costly, that's a little extreme for anyone to buy, but all storebought items such as that are freighted up by plane. You can get the frozen cans of juice for around 5$ instead.

Interestingly not many people do go hungry up there. Pilot biscuts, bread (around 4$), dry soup, milk (7.50/2l), and some canned fruit, tea & Coffee is what's bought the most by the people, although junk food is becoming a problem with kids.

For their main source of food the people buy Bullets. Every local in Nunavut (maybe except a few white people) eat locally hunted meat: Caribou, Muskox, Seal, Ptarmigan, Fish, and other various asundries of wildlife you never thought could be eaten. Those that catch too much give the food to family members and friends that can't hunt very often if not at all due to age. For those of you wondering about the Vitamin C & D deficiantcies, eating certain meats uncooked actually have those vitamins. Cooking meat usually loses nutrients, so many people still eat it raw(frozen) or dried.... Dammit, now I'm hungry! and I want Ptarmigan!!

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