Isn't China great?

Hard-Luck Henry
Railway across the roof of the world (external - login to view)
The chinese are amazing people, shameful how they were treated in British columbia, over 7,000 of them were brought here to build canada's national railway. They were used as slave labor, promised a decent wage, and paid a dollar a day, that no white man would do. they are the ones that handled the explosives and did the tunneling, blown to bits many of them. There is a saying out here, that for every foot of the hell's gate bridge in the fraser caynon, a chinese man died.
When the railway was finished the government went back on their word ( same old, same old) fired them and demanded they leave the province. A great people the chinese!

Unfortuneately a chinese person who had leporsy, was doomed to an island off Victoria, a marine park now. They all died there, and never saw their families or their homeland again.
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