Cross-Border Abortions Must be Outlawed

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Quote: Originally Posted by Nascar_James . . . Manda, what gets me is that there are perfectly developed countries in the world (like Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Ireland...etc) that have the common decency to realize that killing an unborn baby is unacceptable, thus have NO ABORTION laws. . . .Do you ever deal with facts, Jimbo, or is any thought that enters your head automatically a fact?
I tested your claim, and the VERY FIRST example in your list was incorrect.
Quote: . . . The legal test for when an abortion is not unlawful-and therefore permitted-is different in each State and Territory of Australia.In Western Australia, the recent changes to the law repealed the old statutory provisions establishing the crime of 'unlawful abortion' and replaced them with a differently worded provision. This new provision makes it unlawful to perform an abortion unless it is justified under Western Australia's health legislation.In the Australian Capital Territory the law is unclear. There has been no judicial ruling along the lines of those given by courts in Victoria and New South Wales. It is generally assumed, however, that the legal position in the...

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Check out this map for further info.

Worldwide Abortion Laws (external - login to view)
Reverend Blair
Ah, offers facts and the other offers nothing but a map from a questionable source.
GL Schmitt
The Rest of Jimbo's Countries With NO LAWS On Abortion.

New Zealand


. . . The Abortion Supervisory Committee has the responsibility of keeping under review all the provisions of the abortion law in New Zealand, and the operation and effect of those provisions in practice. This includes licensing institutions for the performance of abortions and appointment of certifying consultants to consider cases. The committee consists of three members; two of whom are to be registered medical practitioners. One member is appointed as Chairperson. . . .

Source, New Zealand Ministry of Justice



. . . On July 7 (1995), the cabinet of Spain's socialist prime minister Felipe Gonzalez approved a measure to expand the country's abortion law by permitting a woman to obtain the procedure during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy in circumstances not currently allowed. . . .

Source, National Library of Medicine

Northern Ireland


. . . The law in Northern Ireland is as it was in Britain before 1967. The 1861 Offences Against the Person Act makes all abortions illegal. The 1929 Infant Life (Preservation) Act was extended to Northern Ireland in 1945 and allows abortion to preserve a mother's life. Also the Bourne judgement 1938 - case law allowing abortion in circumstances of risk to mental or physical health. . .

Source (external - login to view), BBC | World Service | Education.

Republic of Ireland


. . . In the 1990s the Supreme Court interpreted the qualifications in the amendment as allowing abortion in limited circumstances. However, the Oireachtas, controversially, has not introduced a law enabling abortion to take place in those circumstances allowed by the court. A subsequent series of constitutional amendments allow Irish citizens access to information about abortion and to travel freely to get abortions outside Ireland. . .

Source (external - login to view), Republic of Ireland, Wikipedia
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