Cleveland Doc Wants to Try Face Transplant

Cleveland Doc Wants to Try Face Transplant (external - login to view)
Jo Canadian
Check your link - doesn't seem to be working.
Reverend Blair
All I get is, "No article found."

If somebody wants to do this we should let them though. What the hell?
I heard the story on the radio the other day, about this being performed on a women in france. It appears there is also some questions about how this doctor choses his patients..,00.html (external - login to view)
Personally I think it is crazy, but if someone wants to do this, by all means, go for it.
Ocean Breeze
I can see the value in cases where a face has been grossly disfigured. ...due to accident etc. In some ways this has been done for some time now.....but not with the name "face transplant" . Burn victims have had major corrective face surgery. The difference might be the addition of bone structure /or replacing bone structure to redefine the features.

(and aside........being the spy novel enthusiast I am......I think that spys go through "face transplants" to conceal their identity .......when they come out of the "job".

or maybe that is just the fantasy I impose on it... Either IS intriguing.
The Cleveland story is a couple of months old, at least.

Here (external - login to view) is the story direct from the Cleveland Clinic with video

And here (external - login to view) is the AP wire story in print.
What they're doing is actually taking the facial skin and underlying soft tissue formations from a cadaver and using them to replace badly disfigured tissue on a patient who has been unable to function normally in society due to the disfigurement. It isn't a cosmetic procedure like a rhinoplasty (nose job) or a facelift, so it's hardly "crazy", in that it actually restores a person to the likelihood of being able to live a relatively normal life.
Well I will take "crazy" back then. Thanks for clarifying that.
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