McDonald's to Add Healthier Foods Even if Losing Money

Looks like McDonald's Corporation will keep expanding healthier menu options for adults even though such choices are not as popular with its customers and bring in less money for the restaurant chain, a company vice president said Thursday.

Why does McDonald's bother if it's a money loser? I don't get it?Folks that want to eat so called "healthy" foods do not eat at McDonald's.,2933,169505,00.html (external - login to view)

Obesity in U.S. at all time high.

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.
Don't need to worry about Obesity. Family history has never had any such problems.

I say that $$$ is always the bottom line for any major corporation. I guess it's not true for McDonald's in this case.
that fecking evil clown, healthier food my fecking ***.
McDonalds has noticed that they are losing ground to other chains that offer food with flavour and some healthier options. Maybe it's a loser now, but the people in charge of McD recognize that if they don't move in that direction, the direction they'll move in is the toilet.

They are trying to change their image and products to go after a bigger market segment.
yeah just look what Wendy's has done with their "choices". They managed to think outside the box and give customers excellent choices besides just fries and oh yes supersized fries.
I don't mind a burger now and then but thats what I like about Wendy's, you do not have to get fries as a side. Plus the lettuce, onion, pickles and meat itself look a lot better at Wendy's than McDonalds and A&W. Seem not as greasy either.
I think the movie Supersize it has done more damage to Ronald McBraindead than anything else 3 out of every5 parents at my school have stopped taking there kids there and they all say it was because of the movie I've never liked there so called food that crap goes straight threw me in about half an hour .I find most of the fast food joints are the same We don't have any out here so about the only time I eat that **** is when I'm on the road
GL Schmitt
Quote: Originally Posted by mrmom2

. . . I've never liked there so called food that crap goes straight threw me in about half an hour . . .


So THAT's why they call it fast food.
yes momsy, could you elaborate more
Hot off the teletype

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Ronald McDonald
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If Krusty has any trouble disposing of the competition, he has enough allies to help him lay down some serious smack. It begins with the psychotically violent duo of Itchy & Scratchy. Sideshow Bob and Corporal Punishment will no doubt be armed to the teeth, and don't forget Fat Tony's "Legitimate Businessman's Social Club". Nobody messes with the Mob's favorite entertainer. NOBODY!

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JOHN: Hey, HotBranch has a great point! Too bad it's on the top of his head. This one goes to the original wu-tang clown, Ronald McDonald, who's got all the tools of his trade at his disposal. The first opponent to make a move towards the clown prince receives an instant enema of piping hot fry vat grease, followed closely by a size 37 red shoe. If he so chooses, McDonald can also spray his opponents with his special sauce (read: napalm), Shamrock Shakes (formulated to damage all but the Irish™), or that concentrated agent orange crap they give away free to bake sales. (C'mon, you knew they were testing that stuff for the army, didn't you? Why else would they give it away?)

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Everybody picks on the burger chains[and they are bad!],but Ithink a lot of the obesity problem comes from the overabundance of pizza chains..and they are oodles of them. Peapod: I am in AWE of that last post
People complain about these places but all the ones near me have packed drive thru's most of the time, does not matter if it is McPukes, A&W, KFC, Wendy's, Tim Hortons or people waiting at pizza joints. There all so busy. Fast food seems a part of life now.
I mostly just complain about all the trash these takeouts generate, and the lazy pigs who toss all their containers on the sidewalks and streets. Heck! Every one of the fastfood outlets have many refuse bins handy.
Your right about the trash. They go to nearest parking lot and just chuck the garbage out the windows. I know Scottsdale mall and the North Delta Inn parking lots have so much McDonalds garbage it aint funny. Not to mentions crow/ravens picking through it all and spreading it all around even more.
Those crows and ravens know exactly what their lookin for to! They are particular about what kind of junk they eat.
I am sure if one was so inclined, you could actually train a crow/raven with Mcdonalds french fries. ha
Quote: Originally Posted by no1important

I am sure if one was so inclined, you could actually train a crow/raven with Mcdonalds french fries. ha

I actually had a on legged seagull trained to sit on the side mirror of my car by feeding him french fries. I worked next to a fast food joint and felt bad for the bugger nearly getting run down by his cohorts any time food was tossed. So I'd go and get a small fry and feed him, he was the only one ballsy enough to get up there, so he'd sit and take the fries from my hand.

In regards to the healthier choices at Rotten Ronnies...I'm happier about them. I don't like a lot of fast food, but there aren't very many other options to drag three kids too (Note: Swiss Chalet? NOT fun!) so it is nice to be able to get the veggie italian sandwich, or a salad and enjoy reading while the kids tear around the playroom.

One thing I don't like about McDonalds? They added videogames to the playroom recently so kids plug their faces with fat and then sit on their duffs in front of a screen Hell, at least with the air hockey tables they're moving around a little.
actually had a on legged seagull trained to sit on the side mirror of my car by feeding him french fries.

Get otta here!
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

actually had a on legged seagull trained to sit on the side mirror of my car by feeding him french fries.

Get otta here!

No, I'm serious, the poor guy, I felt so bad that I woud try to get food right to him, bread, whatever, but the other ones would run for it and they were faster than him. He'd move closer than the other guys and I kept working at it all summer until he would hop onto the side mirror I got a lot of interesting looks over that fellow, we called him Bucky
I sure hope you end going to school over here manda! your a complete hoot!
That's nuttin, you should have seen when I trained the squirrel to sit on my hand on the deck to eat...she even went into the house and waited for me on the container of Sunflower seeds a couple of times. good thing she didn't get into the walls!

It'll be interesting to say the least if my family descends on Victoria...Will they be ready for 5 of us?
Quote: Originally Posted by no1important

People complain about these places but all the ones near me have packed drive thru's most of the time, does not matter if it is McPukes, A&W, KFC, Wendy's, Tim Hortons or people waiting at pizza joints. There all so busy. Fast food seems a part of life now.

Ahhh, but these driver-thrus are there for our convenience. Sometimes I wake up at night am hungry and head for one of those drive-thrus. They are really convenient, particularly the 24 hr ones. In the US I've noticed that Wendy's, Del Taco, Taco Bell and Jack-In-The-Box usually have an all night drive-thru.

Pizza Hut doesn't have drive thus. However, we have a combined Taco Bell Pizza Hut in one that does have an all night drive thru. You can only order the small piza (combo) at the drive thru.
You know nascar, everything you wrote there explains perfectly why north america is full of fat, unhealthy, zombie consumers. This kind of thinking is passed down from generation to generation now. Not only are these people deprived from one of the most fascinating and rich world of food, but do not even eat food. The whole feckin thing is like that movie a solvent green, staring that twat, get your hands off me you damned dirty ape!!!

Food is what we all have in common, its an art, a universal experince. Its what substains us all. Those places do not serve food. *shudders*
You are correct Peapod in that fast food isn't the best of quality, and it was never meant to be. It is there for those who are in a rush and need to eat something quick or for those of us who get snack attacks in the middle of the night, or simply for those who like the taste.

The price is right thou. Most combos here (burger, fry, drink) are less than 4 bucks. Actually the big bac combo, before large sizing it is just $2.99 plus tax. This makes fast food affordable to low income earners. That is why I've always been a fan of fast food, it is there for everyone, not just those who can afford upper class restaurants.

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