Giant sunspot threatens crisis on Earth

Vanni Fucci
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Vanni Fucci
I thought maybe that this sunspot caused the LA blackout but apparently that was caused by a worker snipping the wrong wire... (external - login to view)
GL Schmitt
May I recommend Occam’s Razor (external - login to view) to you?
Vanni Fucci
Yes well, Occam and I don't see things eye to eye sometimes...
Vanni Fucci
A couple years back there was some abnormal sunspot activity that disrupted satellite and network communications.

I was supporting some 2.4 Ghz wireless devices at the time and I had people believing that these sunspots were causing all of their problems...

Well it could be true... :P
Hi Vanni

Here is a picture of the famous/infamous sunspot. My son and I took this the other day,


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