Power Outages in L.A.

Ocean Breeze
CNN is reporting power outages in LA at the moment.

( breaking news)

( when it" rains "it pours.. -metaphorically speaking
Reverend Blair
Maybe they should pay their bill to BC Hydro.
Jo Canadian
I'm not laughing, I'm looking at my qeue on the phone lines right now and there's about 21 people trying to get through and they've been waiting 28 minutes, because either their phone's aren't working or their internet is down, and it's somehow OUR fault....worst of all I have 4 minutes 10 seconds left in my lunch.
Reverend Blair
Just tell them they should pay their bill to BC Hydro, Jo. That oughtta get 'em going.
Pay their bill is right.
Ten Packs
Dream on no1 - I think WE got the "Enron Bone-job" too....
Apparently, the power outage was a result of human error.
So they say. Same cover up as happened during the ENRON scandal.
Everything doesn't have to be a conspiracy! this probably was only a case of doing a bit of wiring wrong.
I think they need to update their wiring or power grids. It seems funny connecting wrong wires would cause a power outage so large. But I am not familar with how "all that" is set up, so I could be barking up the wrong tree, so to speak.

Several workers who were installing an automated transmission system hooked up the wrong wires, according to Ron Deaton, general manager of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power."They connected it to another line that was not expecting that much electricity," he said.
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