Sept. 11 Anniversary of Chile Violence

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September 11, 2005

September 11, 2005 is not only a sad day for the United States, but for Chile as well. On September 11, 1973, General Augusto Pinochet took control of Chile and established a military dictatorship.

The day is often one marked by violence. This year, riots in protest of the government have broken out across Chile. The government stated that it would not have tolerance for the participants.

At least four were injured and 20 arrested in connection with rioting, sources say.

Chile remains divided by the current government. "This is not the Chile we want to build," says the current president, Ricardo Lagos.

With CIA backing, Pinochet usurped the former leader of Chile, Salvador Allende, and went on to rule the country for 17 years, during which he violently suppressed any opposition and killed thousands for political reasons.

He is now being sued for various human rights abuses committed during his reign, and has all but left the public spotlight. Many of the former officials of the Pinochet regime have been arrested and detained. Hundreds of said officials have been tried for human rights crimes, but only four have been convicted.

Lorena Pizarro, leader of a group of families of victims of Pinochet's violence, firmly stated, "One works hard to get a human rights violator indicted and then he is pardoned." She further said "Those who are guilty must be punished. We will continue to fight to gain even more convictions."
America really destroyed that country and many others. Those poor people having to live like glorified slaves for years and the country still has not recouped.

I worry Chavez (from Venezuela) will meet the same fate........As America only likes "freedom" when it suits them, for their own political gains, otherwise brutal dictators seem ok, as long as they tow the American line.
Reverend Blair
I think Venezuela will be okay, No 1. Chavez has withstood a few attacks by the US already, has the backing of other countires in the region, and is pretty damned good at playin this game.

The biggest thing saving him is how overextended the US is in the Middle East though. They simply don't have the resources to go after him full-time.
one of my closest friends was the President of the National Student Union in Chili when the democratic rule of Allende was ended by the U.S. funded Pinochet. He is only now getting in front of the Chilean Courts to get some revenge.
Reverend Blair
I hope he gets the justice he is after, Pete.

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