Orphelia gaining strength...

Ocean Breeze
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southern comfort, anyone???

( Yes, as in the spirits/beverage.
Ocean Breeze
Forecasters confused by Orphelia's intentions.



Ophelia - now a hurricane - hovers off Florida, puzzles forecasters
Last Updated Thu, 08 Sep 2005 19:22:51 EDT
CBC News
Ophelia strengthened -- and with sustained winds of 120 km/h -- became a hurricane off Florida's Atlantic Coast Thursday as it frustrated attempts to predict its direction and destination.

Forecasters said it was still not clear where Ophelia was headed. If it hits Florida, it would become the third hurricane to strike the state this year and the seventh in the last 13 months.

"The storm is eating up our dunes," said Carl Laundrie, communications manager for Flagler County. Two shelters in Flagler County were being readied as a precaution. In neighbouring Volusia County, 12 people had already moved into the county's three shelters.

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"We have to wait and see what (Ophelia) is going to do. The possibilities are endless," said Steve Letro, a meteorologist with the U.S. National Weather Service in Jacksonville, Fla.

Ophelia stayed pretty much in the same place for the past two days and was expected to start moving north slowly, and possibly turn out into the Atlantic over the next few days, but forecasters are not sure what it will do.

"This one is going to keep everybody on the edge of their seats for quite some time," Letro said.

Ophelia could dump 2.5 to 12.5 cm of rain in central and north Florida and southeast Georgia. Rain that heavy could set off dangerous rip tides along the southeastern coast of the United States.

"These are 10- to 12-foot waves. They can literally pile-drive you into the bottom," said Scott Petersohn, spokesman for the Volusia County Beach Patrol in Daytona Beach.

The hurricane season runs from June 1 to Nov. 30 with peak activity from the end of August through mid-September.

Ocean Breeze
NS on flood alert as Ophelia moves in..


To all Nova Scotians Be smart, be safe.....and thinking of you....as Ophelia pays a visit..
Meh...it'll be nothing compared to Hurricane Juan we got 2 years ago..I'm just going to get soggy, that's all
Ocean Breeze
Quote: Originally Posted by manda

Meh...it'll be nothing compared to Hurricane Juan we got 2 years ago..I'm just going to get soggy, that's all

If ya need some big fluffy towels.......( and hot chocolate) .......give us a shout..
I'm hoping my oldest's bedroom doesn't flood....but if it does, he'll most joyfully accept all hot chocolate donations
Reverend Blair
There's nothing worse than having your basement bedroom flood. That happened to me when I was lad. I didn't even know there's been a storm the night before, so I woke up and plunged my feet into ankle deep, ice cold water.

The only good part was that at least the sewer hadn't backed up, so at least it rainwater.
At least I have Nova Scotia blocking the wind!!!!!
But if Ocean Tempuatures keep rising it really won't matter.........

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