Letter from Michael Moore-Producer Bowling for Columbine etc



There is much to be said and done about the manmade annihilation of New Orleans, caused NOT by a hurricane but by the very specific decisions made by the Bush administration in the past four and a half years. Do not listen to anyone who says we can discuss all this later. No, we can't. Our country is in an immediate state of vulnerability. More hurricanes and other disasters are on the way, and a lazy bunch of self-satisfied lunatics are still running the show.

So, in the next few days, I will write to you about what must be done about Bush and Co

Oh I cant wait to see what Mr Moore has up his sleeve[/quote]
As I'm getting soft hearted in my old age,there's some pity for George arising in me. If I was hated half as much as he is..well, let's just say I would feel much better[a slight improvement!]
What an idiot that Moore is. You can't blame New Orleans on Bush, no matter how much you hate him. New Orleans was a disaster in the making for 50 years.

Moore loses more credibility ever time he opens his mouth - he's just as bad as GWB. He should shut his mouth and start doing something.
You can't blame Hurricane on "W" but you can blame the F'up afterwards on him. Hiring an estate lawyer who was also counsel and fired from the International Arabian Horse Association Legal Department to run FEMA.......
Reverend Blair
Bush bears a lot of responsibility here, TenPenny. He cut a lot of spending that would have mitigated the problem, appointed a complete incompetent to run FEMA, and put FEMA under the control of Homeland Security. He also did not step in quickly enough and he and his senior members of staff didn't even see fit to cut their vacations short.

More than that though, the abject failure of the sort of policies he espouses has been made very clear by this disaster. Poor people have to be looked after. Global warming, whether you believe that it was at all involved in Katrina or not, will make such disasters more common in the future. Cutting environmental programs such as wetland preservation makes disasters like this worse. Cutting environmental standards makes the pollution in the flood waters far worse.

This shows far more than Bush's failure, it shows the failure of everybody who has adopted the greed is good philosophy since at least the start of the Reagan administration. It shows the failure of neo-con policies. It shows the derision the rich have for the poor. In the end, it shows the failure of unfettered capitalism.

Bush is the posterboy for those things. Now he's the posterboard for their failure.
Jo Canadian

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