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Vanni Fucci
So, in a rare moment of spontaneity, I decided to register for the online edition of the Western Standard...of course I didn't use my real name, or email address...I'm not that feckin' sponataneous... :P

At any rate, let's see what the neocons have to say today:


We have an article here entitled Dads on the Run, or as I like to call it...How to be a Feckin' Deadbeat...

I'm posting it in its entirety, as I don't want you fine people to have to feel as violated as I do right now...


Dads on the run
You've lost your wife, your kids, your house, and any money you earn goes to your ex. Your only hope may be the highly secretive organization that is helping hundreds of divorced Canadian dads flee the country and start a new life
Candis McLean - September 5, 2005
In January, Gordon, a B.C. divorced dad, was desperately e-mailing men's groups for help. Having lost his job more than a year ago, he had nevertheless been ordered by a judge in December to pay $22,000 in annual child support for his three kids--kids he hadn't seen in 24 months. He was out of money, out of resources and was becoming depressed and suicidal. Then he received a strange e-mail. "We know what you are going through," it read. "Many of your Canadian and American comrades/brothers/friends are taking asylum to start a new life away from the oppression of their governments. To save their lives. Do you want to join them?"
Unsure of what to do, Gordon (not his real name) replied with an e-mail requesting more information. What followed must have seemed like a spy novel come to life: Gordon was told to go to a public library and e-mail the details of his situation, using s-mail, a highly-encrypted e-mail service, that could not be monitored by the FBI or RCMP. He was to use a woman's name as his moniker. "I will then give you another s-mail address and will never use this one again," the source, who called himself Sandy, explained....

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I thought neocons were supposed to be all about the family...
Vanni Fucci
Here's another one called Waking Grant Devine, or as I like to call it Kick 'Em in the Nuts, Just as They're Standing...


Waking Grant Devine

Saskatchewan right-wingers are getting their old PC banners out of the mothballs and readying for the next election

Cyril Doll - September 5, 2005

It was just a couple of months ago that Alberta Liberal Leader Kevin Taft publicly floated the idea that he might change his party's name, since the Liberal brand had, in the wake of historic corruption scandals, become more of a burden than usual in his province.

If Taft hopes to make inroads in the Canadian west these days, one option might be to run his Grits under the name, Conservatives. After all, the Tory brand name is having a bit of a revival--in Saskatchewan, anyway. After eight years of dormancy, the Progressive Conservative party is being revived in that province.

The PCs effectively shut their doors in 1997 after their own name became mud in that province following scandals under former premier Grant Devine (14 MLAs and party workers were convicted of fraud). Instead, the job of fighting the left-wing NDP fell to the Saskatchewan party--a mix of ex-Tories, Liberals and federal Reformers--but it never got very far. Two elections later and Lorne Calvert's New Democrats still run the place. "They've failed to win elections and meet expectations," says Grant Schmidt, chairman of the constitutional committee for the revived PCs.

Under the leadership of Swift Current MLA Brad Wall, the Saskatchewan party doesn't offer much to the average fiscal conservative. "The Saskatchewan party is not a true conservative party," explains David MacLean, Saskatchewan director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. "They used to be . . . but they elected Wall and made a dramatic shift to the left." The party is in favour of more corporate welfare, increasing the minimum wage, and raising pay for public servants, among other things. It's no wonder that MacLean calls them "NDP-light."

And it's no wonder then, that right-wingers are getting their old PC banners out of the mothballs and readying for the next election. Joe Garcea, professor of political science at the University of Saskatchewan, figures that the PCs' best hope is to force the Saskatchewan party to retreat from its move toward the left. "It's strategic leveraging. I think it's more that, than a real clamouring among the electorate for another party, specifically that party," says Garcea.

The recovery of the PCs may be even less meaningful than that. The party's constitution specifically states that the self-imposed hiatus was to last for only two elections. But that doesn't mean party officials aren't genuinely interested in a return to their former glory. They've been testing the waters to see how many interested candidates--and voters--there are, in advance of their next general meeting, sometime in the next 12 months. No doubt, they'll be hoping that Saskatchewanians have forgotten all about the Tories' scandalous history in that province. To that end, they might want to consider a new slogan: "At least we're not Liberals."

Reverend Blair
The only standard about the Western Standard is the continual shoddy reporting and deceit they spread.

I talked to some NDPers while I was out in Saskatchewan...they're hoping that the PCs try to make a comeback. They already have their jokes prepared.

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