Hurricane Katrina - Britain Offers Assistance
British Embassy, Washington D.C., 2 September 2005

Her Majesty The Queen sent the following message to President Bush following the devastation to the Southeast United States caused by Hurricane Katrina:

"I was deeply shocked and saddened to learn of the deaths and injuries caused by Hurricane Katrina, and the scale of the damage and destruction now becoming apparent across the southern states.

"My sympathy goes to you and the people of the United States, especially to the families of those who have lost their lives, to the injured and to all who have been affected by this terrible disaster."

UK Offers Assistance to US

On September 2, before a speech in Watford the Prime Minister Tony Blair said:

"The whole of this country feels for the people of the Gulf coast of America who have been afflicted by what is a terrible, terrible natural tragedy, and we want to express our sympathy and our solidarity and give our prayers and thoughts to the people who are affected by what has happened out there on the Gulf coast.

"And as I said to the President yesterday, this country will stand ready to help in any way that we can. But I know that people, particularly people who will know from this country, know people in that area, will feel for them very deeply at this time."

Should it be needed, the sort of assistance which the UK might be able to offer the United States authorities are those which focus on areas of specialist and technical expertise, such as medical, urban search and rescue, water management, food, oil and gas, utilities (water, electricity), port handling, disaster management and emergency response.

A number of British red cross teams are already at the scene. A number of TV channels are running fund raising events to help people in the region. British Sky Broadcasting is already fund raising via it's Digital TV keypad.