We all know that in most things, Britain is outperforming France at the moment.

But Britain is even starting to outperform France when it comes to WINE. Alcohol consumption in Britain has increased, whilst in France and Germany, whose people are becoming more health-conscious, alcohol consumption is decreasing.

And in France, even consumption of wine is decreasing - whilst in Britain it's going up and, if present trends continue, the British will be drinking more wine than the French by the year 2015.

Grape Britain beats France

Health Editor

BOOZY Brits are downing record amounts — while wine-supping French and beer-quaffing Germans ease up, a survey reveals.

Drinking in the UK rose by 5 per cent from 1999 to 2004 to more than 8 billion litres a year.

But alcohol consumption fell in France by 6 per cent and in Germany by 8 per cent.

The report by researchers Mintel reveals 88 per cent of Britons had an alcoholic drink in the past year, ahead of the French at 86 per cent and the Germans at 70 per cent.

Sales of wine in France dropped by four per cent while consumption of the grape in Britain shot up by 23 PER CENT!!

Beer in Germany slumped by 10 per cent.

Senior analyst Hanna Kivimaki claimed the French wine industry had “lost its way”.

She added: “Wine is losing its traditional role as a meal accompaniment.

"For many, water has become a more common drink with a meal.”

But wine downed in France (3.35 billion litres) is still far greater than in Germany (1.98 billion litres) and the UK (1.19 billion litres).