Will the Stones be invited to the White House?

Ten Packs
Somehow, I kinda doubt it.... LMAO!

www.nme.co.uk/news/113295.htm (external - login to view)
Reverend Blair
I just might my first new Stones Album since Emotional Rescue.
With the band's long history of drug use and abuseits a wonder they were permitted to even enter the United States
Reverend Blair
Keith lives in...I think it's Conneticut.
Understood that drug use by multi millionaires is not a crime then!You or Me,we could have some problems crossing the border tho.
Reverend Blair
The very wealthy don't have the same laws as you and I, Missile. They own the cops, and if that isn't enough they can always buy a judge.
Richards can always move back to Switzerland, but they don't do the Blues there. My last was 'Tattoo you'. I read somewhere that Japan had appologized to Sir McCartney for a Customs hassle from years ago. Oh to be rich.
GL Schmitt
When I saw this title my first thought was "Oliver" or "Rolling?"
Reverend Blair
I remember the huge scandal that occurred when McCartney got busted in Japan. He had ***GASP*** enough pot that he could have been trafficking.

Yeah, 'cause multi-millionaire rock stars always sell pot by the quarter ounce for pocket money.
Anyone here see the Stones in Toronto, was it last night?
Reverend Blair
That was their traditional small club gig, right? I've always wanted to see that. Did they let Keith smoke on-stage?

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