Shuttle Discovery Blasts Into Orbit

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One thing that has been overlooked in all this.... CANADA designed a MASSIVE refit, and extension, to the CanadArm, which permitted them to not only look where they never could before, but also SUPPORT the Space-walking Astronaut who made the repairs.

In Space, if you exert force on something without being able to brace yourself, the larger of the two masses wins... and you can't do a thing. You couldn't screw a spark-plug into an engine, in zero-gravity.....

Don't think it has been overlooked as such. Definately understated ....... that is as it should be. Ca.knows the contribution it has made and continues to make.....and there is no need to draw "attention" to this fact. or "sensationalize" it , um....the way "some" people/nations do. Actions/contributions speak for themselves. No need to emphasize them , "boast" about them. None of this implies that we in CA don't feel some quiet glow of pride in achievement when we see the CA Arm in operation.

but ........Yes, Nice to have this crew "home", safe and "intact"...
I see now they are grounded until March 2006. What a dissapointment, even though I understand why they have to be grounded. Maybe they should just scrap them now and design something more reliable?

US shuttles grounded until March (external - login to view)

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