MSNBC carries forbidden story of AUTISM from VACCINES

At the link below is a link to one of very few media articles covering the intensely debated link between autism and vaccines using thimerosal, a mercury derivative.

NBC carried the story for the first time in major media. The connection to autism from vaccines is real, many respected authorites are saying it now.

This on the heels of admitting global warming is real, can we hope for a new era of openess and freedom of speach? Or is someone just trying to scare us?

Debate over vaccines, autism won't die
Mercury in shots blamed for rise in brain disorder among children
Updated: 12:06 p.m. ET June 26, 2005 (external - login to view)
Dexter Sinister
Junk science.

Denmark stopped using vaccines containing thimerosal in 1992. There's been no decline in autism rates there, in fact they're rising in Denmark the same as they are everywhere else.

The conclusion should be obvious.

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