Descendants of U.S. fur trader apologizes to natives.

What do you make of this? I watched it on the news and thought it was one of the strangest things I've ever witnessed or heard. Some of the comments from both sides were just so out there.........

I never heard about this twinks, but its an interesting story.
It is interesting, though I don't know whose purpose it serves...the apologizer or those apologized to. Perhaps just the public recognition of a past "wrong", though in the context of the times,perhaps understandable.
Relatives/descendants of Thomas Jefferson have a formal gathering every year.This year, descendants of black heritage also wanted to attend: their claim of Jefferson being one of their forefathers has been genetically proven.The 'white" Jeffersons refused to allow them access to the gathering,nor will they alter the "official" Jefferson family history.
unless they pay out what they stold from the 1st nations people and all thier decendents for their grief, who needs to hear the ?%$^*5 words...


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