Roman Catholic Women Priests


Roman Catholic Women Priests


James Bredin

The church hierarchy from the Vatican on down,
Oppose this issue of women priests and they donít fool around,
But the Vatican will just have to change with the times some say,
Same-sex stuff, women priests and pedophile priests all pray.

The bishop issued a letter for this type of talk to stop,
There will be no women priests allowed or any of that rot,
And those MPs who voted in favor of all that same-sex stuff,
May be excommunicated or worse if thatís not enough.

But the bishop forgot to mention those many pedophile priests,
So any reference to them will also have to cease,
The irony of all these issues could send one into depression,
How many years has it been again since your last confession?

And priests will never be allowed to be married, so there!
You will have to do penance and more time on your knees in prayer,
And you better strictly adhere to Church Law or withdraw,
Activists say human rights have precedence over Cannon law.

They want women priests, bishops and maybe a woman pope,
At one time it would have been a bonfire, guillotine or rope,
Blatant discrimination against activist women they all scream,
But they too will have to adhere to righteous religious regime.

Activists will be excommunicated if they donít adhere,
Theyíll have to change their sinful ways and show theyíre sincere,
And doing it in international water doesnít change a thing,
Are they getting carried away with this female feminist fling?

Friday, July 15, 2005
Reverend Blair
There once was a girl from Kilkarney,
Who had a thing for Barney,
She stuffed her........

Oops, family site.

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